As at 26/03/2020: BUPA have notified us they have a backlog of work due to an upgrade to their software system. This backlog currently dates back as far as 19 February 2020. As soon as they return the provider numbers we will email them to practitioners ASAP.


ANTA National Seminars 2020

• BRISBANE 7th March -Registrations Open on 7th February 2020
• PERTH 9th May Cancelled due to COVID-19
• SYDNEY 15th August  Registrations Open on 15th July 2020 (TBA)
MELBOURNE 21st November Registrations Open on 21 October 2020 (TBA)

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Coronavirus [COVID-19] Information

(Adobe PDF File)

24 March 2020 - Prime Minister Press Release Clarified for Practitioners, including Remedial Massage Therapists

Please download the PDF and carefully read what this means for ANTA members.

* Massage parlours are restricted from operating. (This includes those in shopping centres where they are separated by partitians or curtains)(effective midnight 25th March 2020)

* All practitioners must abide by the 1 person per 4 square metre rule (effective already)

* All appointments to remain 30 minutes or less (effective midnight 25th March 2020)

IMPORTANT: This statement no longer applies to QLD Remedial Therapists and Myotherapists (as at midnight 26th March 2020)

Health Care Workers
(Adobe PDF File)

Below is an easy-to-understand video regarding the current financial assistance being made available by Centrelink for anyone suffering financial hardship as a result of COVID-19.

Disclaimer: ANTA Does not have an affiliation with Blue Ribbon Accounting.

Health Fund Reporting

Please view the below calendar for dates which we are required to report to health funds. 

If you wish to open a new clinic and receive health fund recognition you must have this information to us 2 business days before the list is due to be sent. It is at ANTA's discretion to add any clinics sent after this, and will be subject to volume and workload. 

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