ANTA New Member Portal
Login live on ANTA homepage

The ANTA IT team are pleased to announce that all our members and exclusive member resources are now available in our new member portal.

This means you can now click straight to the ANTA Member Centre "Member Login button" from the ANTA homepage and this will take you straight to the new portal.

Activating your Account

The first time you log in to our new Member Centre you will be required to retrieve your new Username and set a new Password

  1. Click the "I don't know my username" link below login section
  2. Enter the email address you have registered on your ANTA member account to receive an email with your Username.
  3. Return to this sign in page and a click "I don't know my password". A password setup link will be emailed to you.

Can’t get it to work?

  1. Check your junk mail for any ANTA system generated emails
  2. Clean your browser cache if you get a recurring error page
  3. Contact with a description of any errors if you are unable to create an account

Updating your ANTA Practitioner Profile

Once logged into your account you can now:

  • Customise your Username
  • Update your Password
  • Add your Practitioner Bio
  • Add Your Public Profile Photo

Suggestions for great Profile Pictures

Profile pics on your practitioner profile should look professional. Here are some ideas on how to achieve that look:

1. Wear clothes that are appropriate for your profession.

2. Smile, but don’t go overboard. You want to appear approachable and inviting without looking like you’re laughing.

3. Avoid hats, glasses, and other accessories. They not only make you look too casual, they tend to hide or obscure your eyes, which are the most important part of a great portrait.

4. Stick with the tried and true head and shoulders shot. Close-cropped head shots can feel a little overwhelming for the viewer, and full body shots don’t work well in the confines of a small profile pic.

5. Avoid using effects or filters. Traditional black and white can also lend a nice touch of class to your professional portrait.

Note: All information in your Member Account should be up to date except for CPE submitted via email.

Please notify ANTA administration via if you need to update any details that you don't have access to change.