In Memory of Brian Coleman

7 October 1949 ~ 15 September 2018

It is with the deepest sadness that we inform the ANTA community that our executive officer for the past two decades, Brian Coleman, passed away Saturday evening, the 15th September, 2018 as a result of a long illness.

As many of our members and partners would be aware, Brian has not been well the last couple of years, but his sudden passing was unexpected. His family experienced quite a shock from this recent turn of events and chose to hold a closed gathering to honour his life on Friday 22nd September, prior to making this notification public.

As anyone who had the opportunity to know Brian personally would be aware, Brian connected with an extraordinary number of people in his dealings through ANTA, who were touched one way or another by his kind demeanour and fair approach to everyone. It is certain this loss will affect many, and Brian will be missed by many members, colleagues, and friends.

It would be true to say that Brian’s experience of his illness was underplayed by him without complaint, and regardless of his illness, he maintained his vision for ANTA and had been in close communication with our team and community until quite recently.

Please be assured that the Australian Natural Therapists Association administration staff and national council have come together to ensure this loss doesn't affect business operations. We have a strong team who intend to continue wholeheartedly with Brian's legacy, and we will include a feature on Brian in the next edition of the the ANTA member journal, The Natural Therapist, to honour his great work over the last two decades within the natural therapy industry.

our deepest regrets & condolences
ANTA National Council