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We’re pleased to announce the Naturally Good Education Program which includes the Practitioner Theatre

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Learn about cutting edge research into new ingredients, clinical protocols for preconception nutrition, allergies, immune disorders and more.

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Discover approaches to preconception nutrition

Join leading women’s health naturopath Amanda Haberecht as she takes a deep dive into emerging nutritional research and its impact on the development of the oocyte, early embryo and foetus.

Learn about emerging research on protein rich diets

In this highly topical and interesting session, Vanessa Hitch will look at the evidence on high protein/ low carb diets in the context of our true ‘paleo’ ancestors and provide strategies to reduce pain and inflammation.

Making seaweed part of your food intake

Dr. Pia Windberg will present a case for seaweed and how its contribution in our daily food intake could significantly reduce chronic diseases and present positive implications for western health.

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