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Natural Therapists Business Assist

ANTA is aiming to empower our members and visitors alike with relevant and timely business information.

With the assistance of various Federal and State Governments we have included below helpful, informative and interesting tools to assist you grow and improve your business.

Other services on offer that are helping businesses Australia-wide include:

Employer Hero - 10,000 - Australia’s First Free Advice Centre for Australian Employers by Employment Lawyers and HR Specialists

Everything practitioner employers have always needed to know but didn’t know where to ask (and didn’t want to pay for the info!)

Australian practitioner business owners can now breathe easier with the launch of 10,000 Australia’s first free online website advice and resource centre for employers. Backed by Employment Hero’s team of lawyers, HR specialists, payroll and safety experts, the website answers questions on employment management issues for free. Designed to reduce stress on small business employers, it provides much-needed and now easy-to-find information on complex workplace questions.

Employment Hero is a subsidiary of Employment Innovations with over 20 years of experience and expertise servicing small businesses in Australia. 

Tax basics for small business videos

If you are starting a new business, or already running one, this series of short videos will provide essential information about your tax and super obligations.


To find out more, visit the ATO's Starting and running your small business  website.

Check out the new look ATO app

Download key dates, check ABNs and more with the updated ATO app

Read more ›

Business Victoria - Understanding financial statements 

Business Victoria’s objective is to help foster and promote Australian start-up’s.

Business Victoria provides a financial statement template to help manage your finances. Financial statements that are produced regularly and correctly will provide key information for the continual improvement of business operations.

There are three major financial statements to understand:

The Business Victoria website has many worthwhile financial tips, tools and expert advise. Download the Financial Statements Template below or visit the Business Victoria  website for more.

Download the Financial Statement Template Financial Statements Template

Free help to get your business online

Small businesses can access a free online training program to help them use the internet to increase sales, reduce costs and simplify running their business.

Winning Business Online is a new training program funded by the Australian Government that helps businesses who are yet to get online, or who already have an online presence and want to build their knowledge and ability.

The program provides free modules online, low-cost seminars and one-on-one training.

To find out more, visit the Winning Business Online website.

TGA - Buying medicines and medical devices over the Internet

The Internet can offer consumers a convenient way to access therapeutic goods, but online purchases of medicines or devices should be approached with caution.

Products available on international websites are not regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). If care is not taken, consumers may inadvertently break the law, waste their money or risk their health.

Without taking measures to ensure a website is legitimate, consumers face risks, including using medicines and medical devices that:

  • are fake (counterfeit)
  • are too strong or too weak
  • contain undisclosed, dangerous ingredients
  • are past their use-by date
  • are contaminated or not manufactured to appropriate standards

Buying medicines and medical devices over the Internet 

TGA - An overview of the regulation of complementary medicines in Australia

An overview of the regulation of complementary medicines in Australia 

Fair Work Ombudsman - New pay rate calculator now available

The Fair Work Ombudsman has released its latest online tool, PayCheck Plus.

The tool is designed for employers and employees to quickly calculate base pay rates, allowances, overtime and penalty rates under modern awards. As an employer, you can also use ‘Check my payroll’ – a tool that allows you to match and calculate pay rates for multiple employees.

To start using PayCheck Plus, visit the Fair Work Ombudsman  website.

Launch Paycheck Plus 

Looking ahead: Preparing small business for the future

Looking ahead: Preparing small business for the future  helps guide small business operators through their long-term forward planning by considering how the following themes could impact their business:

  • Access to finance and the macro economy
  • Demographic change
  • Technology
  • Engaging customers and other stakeholders
  • The built environment
  • The policy environment
  • Utility costs

Small Business in NSW: Our Story  captures the contribution and characteristics of small business in NSW, highlighting its diversity and key trends.

Looking ahead: Preparing small business for the future 

Independent contractors

New handbook about independent contracting

If you’re looking for clear, concise information on independent contracting look no further than's new Independent Contractors: the essential handbook.

The first of its kind, the handbook provides information on a comprehensive range of topics relevant for both independent contractors and their hirers, including:

  • taxation
  • superannuation
  • insurance
  • intellectual property ownership
  • business planning
  • OH&S
  • workers compensation
  • negotiating contracts.

For more information, visit the Independent contractors site.

Download a copy of the Independent Contractors Handbook (PDF 2MB).

Business plans - important for business success

Good business and marketing plans can be essential to business success. However it can often be difficult knowing where to start the planning process.’s planning templates and guides will help you to easily develop solid, structured and well-researched plans for your business. Developed in conjunction with business intermediaries, our suite of planning templates and guides are downloaded over 10 000 times each month. By completing each component of the templates, you can consider the essential elements of business and marketing planning.

Download our templates and guides  to start or update your business planning and improve your business potential:

The new business plan template and guide are free and now available for download at 

Australian Tax Office Small Business Support

Being in small business can offer you many rewards and benefits, but it also means you have additional tax obligations to consider. As your business grows and changes your tax situation will as well.

To help you stay in control of your tax affairs, we’ve identified a range of topics that may help you run your business, and links to where you can get more information and support from us in the Tax Office.

For more information, visit the Small business support website.

Check out the new look ATO app

Download key dates, check ABNs and more with the updated ATO app

Read more ›

Australian Taxation Office - Free tax support

Talk to us and get the right tax support to get on with running your business

After talking to us, Australian small business owners find it easier to manage their tax and get on with running their business.

Our business support service gives you access to our experienced tax officers who can answer your questions and help you get on top of your tax issues. Talk to us if:

  • you want help understanding what you need to do
  • you’re having difficulty meeting your payment obligations.

Most businesses contact us to get help with finding the easiest and fastest way to:

  • manage records and paperwork
  • lodge correct activity statements on time
  • manage employer obligations (PAYG withholding, superannuation guarantee and fringe benefits tax)
  • get connected to the Business Portal to lodge activity statements online and view statements and transaction history.

Download Free Tax Support publication »

Fair Work for Small Business

A new website has been launched to assist small businesses with understanding the Fair Work Act 2009 which came into effect on 1 July 2009.

An initiative of the Council of Small Business of Australia, some of the resources available on the new site include:

  • online webinars
  • guides
  • email newsletters
  • community forums

For more information, visit the Fair Work for Small Business website.

Personal counselling services

There are a number of government funded counselling services available to individuals and small businesses experiencing personal or economic difficulties. You can receive counselling for a range of issues including:

  • your financial situation and managing your business during the Global Financial Downturn
  • your personal circumstances and relationships
  • coping in rural and regional areas
  • being severely affected by drought and other natural disasters.

For further information on the counselling services available to you as an individual or business, see Personal counselling services page.

WorkCover NSW resources - Helping you manage workplace health and safety...

As a small business owner it's important for you to be aware of and be responsive to, any occupational health and safety (OHS) issues that may arise in your workplace. NSW WorkCover has developed a wide range of tools and kits to help you manage your OHS responsibilities.

Available on the WorkCover website, the health and safety resources include:

  • an online safety self assessment tool
  • an employee induction checklist
  • a small business safety checklist and starter kit
  • hazard profiles for a range of industries
  • forms for workers compensation and injury management.

For further information or to view the publications, visit the WorkCover website. - the Australian Government's principal business resource offers you simple and convenient access to all the government information, forms and services you need. It's a whole-of-government service providing essential information on planning, starting and growing your business.

  • Thinking of starting a business
  • Starting a business
  • Growing a business 

Business Building Blocks

Business Building Blocks is a fully online learning resource for small business that gives you;

  • Free online training for you and your staff
  • New skills to help grow your business
  • Flexibility to learn what you want, when you want
  • Free interactive business planning tool
  • Option to pay for assessment & certification

Units of Learning offered;

You can access all learning content for free


GovForms is a single entry point for businesses to quickly and conveniently find, manage and complete the forms online with all levels of government - everything from registering for an ABN, applying for licences, to simply paying your rates.

Visit to get started today.

Business Enterprise Centres

If you are starting or looking to grow your business, you can access support at your local Business Enterprise Centre (BEC). BECs are community-based, not for profit business assistance organisations and are situated in metropolitan and regional centres throughout Australia. BECs offer businesses a range of services and assistance through all stages of development including:

  • planning to start a business
  • commencing operations
  • growing your business
  • succession planning and implementation.

For more information and to find your nearest BEC, visit the BEC website.

A Guide to Starting a Natural Therapy Practice

A Guide to Starting a Natural Therapy Practice has been developed by the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA) to assist students and new practitioners in getting the best start to their career and establishing a successful practice.

Starting a new practice can be challenging and this guide outlines some of the areas to be considered.

Find out more »

GST for Small Business

As a business, it is important to understand taxes that affect you. To help you understand your GST obligations, the Tax Office have released a booklet called GST for Small Business.

The booklet has a range of information on:

  • registering for business
  • issuing and obtaining tax invoices
  • claiming GST credits
  • GST reporting
  • paying GST.

Download a copy of this Booklet below. More information on GST Exemptions.

QLD SmartGuides

If you're thinking about getting into business in Queensland and want an idea of what licences you may need, then a SmartGuide may be the thing for you. The Department of Tourism, Regional Development and Industry (DTRDI) has put together 33 tailored guides covering most industries, including:

  • accommodation
  • event management
  • food export
  • natural therapy

To download a SmartGuide for your new business, visit the DTRDI Business website. For more licensing information visit the SmartLicence website or phone 1300 363 711 (Queensland callers only) or (07) 3001 6359.


PDF Download Independent Contractors Handbook (PDF 2071KB)


PDF Download GST for Small Business Booklet (PDF 196KB)


PDF Download A Guide to Starting a Natural Therapy Practice (PDF 122KB)


PDF Download Starting your business checklist (PDF 2903KB)

Are you new to business? The Australian Government's Starting your business checklist contains a series of questions to guide you through the various stages of your business including before you start, when you start, when you buy and when you run your business.


PDF Download QLD SmartGuides - A step-by-step guide to starting a Natural Therapy Business (Including Massage) (PDF 381KB)


PDF Download Marketing your business for success (PDF 17KB)


PDF Download Growing your business checklist (PDF 1600KB)

Whether you're increasing staff, diversifying products or services, exporting goods, franchising your business or simply moving to bigger premises - the Australian Government's Growing your business checklist covers many of the issues needed to help you grow your business.


PDF Download Grow your business – Export to the world (PDF 21KB)


PDF Download Growing your business through employing people - understanding your employer obligations (PDF 16KB)


PDF Download Expand your business with a website (PDF 24KB)


PDF Download How to make your business green (PDF 14KB)

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