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Looking for a natural therapies short course program, workshop or lecture?

Browse through our Natural Therapies short course program guide. We trust you will find something in this course guide that will spark your interest - whether it is a single subject that resonates with your interests or a career-oriented program. Bookings are essential - please ensure you view the information provided.

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Nutrition Assessment 2-Day Workshop
Presented by Dr. Ashley Berry / Prof. Mel Sydney-Smith

Day 1
Nutritional Assessment Introduction
Nutritional Assessment Protocol – symptoms, signs and diet
Nutrients and Nutrient Defciency
Physical Examination

Day 2
Laboratory Investigation – making the most of common pathology test
Ancillary Laboratory Tests
Case Studies – Clinical Presentation

Accredited by ANTA for 14 CPE Points

Location: Melbourne

Date: 7-8 JUNE 2018

For more information and to register now:

Dry Needling Course for Remedial Massage Therapists

This CPD Health Courses Dry Needling Course for Remedial Massage Therapists is accredited by ANTA. You'll receive 80 CPE points after successful completion of the course.

We've trained over 3500 RMT's to safely use Dry Needling to help their patients who present with Myofascial pain. Our main emphasis is safety. At our courses you'll learn our unique 8 step risk mitigation strategy which will guarantee you'll never have to worry about injuring a patient using Dry Needling. You'll walk out of our course feeling safe, you'll build on your confidence and with practice, you'll become a highly effective Dry Needling Therapist.

Benefits to completing our Dry Needling Course:

  • Complete your Practical Course feeling Safe, Confident & Effective
    (20 hours)
  • Review all the Techniques on the Dry Needling Video Training Site 
  • Watch FREE Dry Needling Videos on our Training App 
  • Free Weekly Mentoring & Support 
  • Free Dry Needling Starter Pack 
  • 10% Discount on needle purchase from Acuneeds
  • Get immediate access to your Online Theory 
  • Easy Pay Payment Plans available 

Accredited by ANTA for 80 CPE Points

Melbourne | Sydney | Adelaide | Brisbane | Fremantle | Hobart | Gold Coast

See the ANTA Seminar / Workshop Calendar for dates

For more information and to register now:

SEMINAR SERIES: The Nature of Muscles, Joints and Pain
An exploration of effective, wholistic musculoskeletal management

Presented by Terry Hitzke
Sponsored by Acuneeds Australia and NRG

This seminar series will help myotherapists, acupuncturists and osteopaths fast track their gaining of wisdom and understanding of the underlying “Nature' of musculoskeletal conditions, learn new skills and improve clinical success.
Recent advances in neuroscience using functional MRI has not only validated our traditional treatment techniques and philosophies, but provided us with new understandings and better ways of diagnosing and treating the actual causes of many of these conditions.
This is a two-day workshop, 9 AM to 5 PM with a good mix of theory and practical hands-on experience and on completion you will be armed with insight and tools that will give you improved confidence with musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.
What will be covered:

  • Develop far more effective treatment protocols, which more wholistically address the multiple causality of many conditions.
  • Educate your clients about their condition and involve them in your treatment plan.
  • Muscle tension and its neurological causes. Identify and test co-contraction, muscular splinting and "always- on" muscles, blood flow, inhibition and hypertonic muscles with hands-on assessment.
  • What exactly is pain? Traditional and neuroscience perspectives and why people are so motivated to get rid of it.
  • The causes of pain and how to identify them.
  • Use advanced Acupuncture, cupping, Ashi/trigger point release techniques, antagonist-agonist neural repatterning and Ant-Ag stretching to restore function and reduce pain.
  • Build a successful musculoskeletal sector in your practice that does its own marketing.

Accredited by ANTA for 14 CPE Points
(including 4 Professional Issues points)

Sydney. Sat 3rd and Sun 4th March 2018.
Melbourne. Sat 17th and Sun 18th March 2018.
Adelaide. Sat 28th and Sun 29th April 2018.
For more information and to register now:

Peace in Practice

Focusing on the health and wellbeing of the practitioner as well as increasing their skill, knowledge and the foundation principles upon which they work.

Date of Course | Friday, 2nd March – Sunday 4th March, 2018

More Information:

Basics of Scalp Acupuncture Module:1

Presented by: Dr James Lu
In association with SustainHealth Academy

Registration open for: AHPRA registered Chinese medicine profession and Chinese medicine students

Date: 6 & 7 June 2018

Venue: Bayview On Park
52 Queens Rd, Melbourne VIC 3004

CPD: 11 points

What You Will Learn from This Course

  1. History of Scalp Acupuncture
  2. Zhu's treatment zones: locations, functions, and indications
  3. Procedure and techniques
  4. Precautions and contradictions
  5. Zhu's Scalp Acupuncture basic applications
  6. Introduction
  7. Daoyin therapy basic application
  8. Daoyin therapy demonstration & practice

Who Should Attend This Course?

  1. Practitioners who would like to increase their arsenal of effective tools to deliver instant and long term clinical results
  2. Practitioners who would like to learn an acupuncture system that is famous for neurological conditions
  3. Practitioners would like to treat “real deal” conditions eg stroke, emergency conditions, spinal cord injuries, paralysis etc
  4. Chinese medicine students who have special interest in neurological conditions and the scalp acupuncture philosophy and system

Event Details

Stroke & Spinal Cord Injury - Module 2

Presented by: Professor Ming Qing Zhu, & Dr James Lu
In association with SustainHealth Academy

Registration open for: AHPRA registered Chinese medicine profession and Chinese medicine student

Prerequisite: Must have attended the Basics of Scalp Acupuncture module

Date: 8, 9, 10 & 11 June 2018

Venue: Bayview On Park,
52 Queens Rd, Melbourne VIC 3004

CPE: 26 points

What You Will Learn from This Course

  1. how to identify different types of stroke
  2. how to localize the lesion of a stroke
  3. how to treat an acute stroke patient
  4. how to treat a chronic stroke patient
  5. how to help a stroke patient regain function
  6. how to integrate scalp acupuncture into multidisciplinary SCI patients program and help them obtain significant and much faster improvement

Who Should Attend The Stroke & Spinal Cord Injuries Course?

  1. Practitioners interested in providing effective & specialised treatments for stroke & spinal Cord Injuries (SCI)
  2. Practitioners who want to learn more in depth knowledge for stroke & SCI conditions
  3. Practitioners who want to treat more than their treatable day to day conditions... interested in growing their areas of expertise.
  4. CM students or graduates who would like to develop their own niche market in scalp and neuro-acupuncture... attract neurological condition patients including stroke, paralysis and more.

Event Details

Balance for you Massage & Natural Therapy Workshops

Course Name


Link to More info and Booking details

Hot Stone Massage

8 Points

Bamboo Massage

8 Points

Indian Head Massage

8 Points


8 Points

Ear Candling

7 for 1 student
8 for 2 students



6.5 Points

Body Scrubs & Wraps


8 Points

Crystal Healing/Crystal Chakra Balancing

7.5 Points

Toyohari Training Program

If you’ve been waiting learn the unique system of Toyohari, here is your opportunity.

Toyohari is a subtle and yet powerful system of meridian therapy from Japan. It is founded on the “back to the basics” theory of Classical Chinese Medicine returning to classical texts such as the Neijing and the Nanjing.

Toyohari Training Program (20 days - beginning February 2018)
Venue: The Ministry Centre 23 Victoria St Clayfield.
Contact: Michael Hook 0409761765

The course will consist of 20 days divided into 3 and 4-day weekends over a period of 7 months (120 hours in total), February, March, May, June, July and August 2018. On completion of the course there will also be the opportunity to study with visiting teachers from Japan in the National Conference to be held in Sydney in September, 2018. Completion of this training allows the graduate to join Toyohari Australasia and access monthly local training, national training events and training in Japan.
See brochure attached for more information.

See the attached brochure for more details, go to or contact

Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and Qt respect i certification training in Melbourne

Presenter: Dr. Vesna Grubacevic, PhD (C. Hyp), Clinical Hypnotherapist, Hypnotherapy and NLP Trainer, Trainer and Creator of Qt respecti ®, BEc, Author, Multi Award-Winner, Media Commentator

Join Dr Vesna at our hands-on and highly interactive, award-winning hypnotherapy certification trainings and:

  • Be Certified as a Confident, Successful and Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner and Qt respect i ® Practitioner
  • Effectively and quickly address negative emotions and limiting beliefs with regression techniques (each one in 10 to 15 minutes)
  • Address deep issues (including PTSD, traumas, panic attacks, etc.) without the client needing to recall or relive past memories, events or emotions
  • Learn the latest integrative mind-body techniques to assist your clients to heal themselves
  • Receive Australian and International professional recognition and certification
  • Earn OPD points and membership with the ASCH
  • Receive highly personalised training, support, and results to thrive as a practitioner!

We offer Hypnotherapy certification trainings ranging from our 3 day Hypnosis training up to our award-winning Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and Qt respect i certification training, so that you can receive membership with the ASCH. Recognition of Prior Learning is available if you have already completed some hypnotherapy or NLP training. We have been certifying successful graduates since 2000.

For more information:
Call Dr Vesna on 0411 479 256 or (03) 9653-9288
Visit our website at

Q Transformation

Massage Short Courses



Whether you just want to learn massage to treat friends and family at home or in your sports club or group, or you’re a professional looking to enhance your skills and gain CPE points, or are considering a career change, come and learn from one of Brisbane’s busiest and most popular therapists. All 7 of these short one day courses are ideal for anyone wanting to learn treatments of the highest standard in the massage industry.

Follow link below for more information and registration.

Foundations in Nutrigenomics course



Nutrigenomics is the cutting edge of nutrition science. As interest in personalized medicine increases, your patients will ask you about genetic testing. This course will provide practitioners with adequate training to accurately and usefully interpret their client’s results and transition them into realistic and personalised food solutions.

Follow link below for more information and registration.

Women’s Health Medicine Program



The minimum entry requirement for Master program will be an undergraduate degree in Medicine, Nursing or health science and:
• an Honours, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or higher qualification in Medicine, Nursing or health or medical science; or
• commencement of a recognised postgraduate medical specialist training  program (e.g. general practice, obstetrics & gynaecology); or
• 1 year full-time equivalent of postgraduate professional experience in Medicine, Nursing, health or medical science.

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